Introducing Ruby

So here’s a bit about Ruby Tuesday and how she came to be living with me.

She was born on 2nd June 2022 in Liverpool, UK. I know very little about her first home but in September 2023, she sustained a complicated fracture of her right hind leg and was surrendered at the vets, who referred her to The Dogs’ Trust. The fracture was repaired but failed to heal properly and further surgery also failed and so on 23rd November, Ruby became a Tripawd. She was fostered throughout this period and has clearly been very well cared for. She is a tremendously affectionate dog.

I spotted her on the Rehoming Centre’s website, and was initially attracted to her photo because of her beautiful, gentle expression. When I clicked on her profile and discovered that she was also a Tripawd, it seemed it was meant to be. My last dog, Meg, lost a front leg to a bone condition at the age of 7, and died last April at 14 and a half.

Ruby has been through a hell of a lot in the last four months. She has also spent a lot of time crate resting and is absolutely bursting with excitement and energy. My first task is really to calm her down. You can see how excited she was in this video from our first meeting at the rehoming centre

At only seven weeks post amp, she appears to have healed really well, but has not had any physio etc so I am really keen to start working on her core strength etc and I think she will enjoy this as she is extremely responsive to any sort of positive input. She really is a lovely dog.

She has only been with me for two days but already she has settled extremely well. We have been doing puzzles and games as a way of starting to get to know each other. Here she is playing hunt the biscuits…

Thanks so much for reading.

8 thoughts on “Introducing Ruby

  1. Welcome home Ruby Tuesday….not just innthe UK, but your “second home” here with your Tripawd extended family!
    We are all soooo excited to follow your adventures and immerse ourselves in all your great adventures, with video and photos of course!👍
    The banner you put adross her blog is perfect! Captures a happy, carefree youngster whonia very comfort in her new home. .
    Playing puzzles and games with her is such a creative way to bond. Clearly she loves the “find the treat” game.and is quite good at it. Hearing you tell her good girl and hearing you laugh…..yeah… that💖
    There was a black and white photo you posted on facebooger that really highlighted her “coloring”…the is of brindle. She really is a pretty girl.
    Yes, this is definitely meant to be!
    Okay, cant wait for next pupdate 👍
    Lots of lofe
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • It did come through for me to approve. I can’t remember what happened when I started Meg’s blog, but I’m thinking once I approve someone, I don’t then have to approve them again? We’ll see…. Thanks so much for posting xxx

  2. Ruby you won the doggie lotto! You got the best mum in the world for you!

    Clare, I love that you didn’t know she was a Tripawd at first. Talk about fate. And she is just at the right stage of healing from her surgery that you can now swoop in and help her be the strongest girl possible. You’ll see that having a rear-legger is a different experience and equally as enlightening. She is going to teach you so much, and vice versa.

    Thank you for starting a blog for her. Every story, especially about a dog’s longevity on three when they don’t have cancer, is so helpful to others. Welcome back!

    • Thanks, Rene. Really appreciate your stopping by. We have learned so much from this site and have so much more to learn, especially with regard to rear-leggers. We will absolutely strive to keep the blog updated so we can share our journey as we go. So much is different, as you say, different leg, different dog, different age, everything… But I know we will work it out with the help of all the wonderful resources and people on this site xxx

  3. Welcome home Ruby Tuesday! Yup, I think you are already getting the idea you just landed with the best dog mom ever! You two are going to have so much fun. I am just so happy for both of you!
    Codie Rae

    • Awww, thank you! Certainly not the best dog Mum ever, but hopefully Ruby’s best Mum. It’s both exciting and a little daunting to be back at the start of the journey with so much road ahead. One step and a time though and I know we’ll get there. She is a fabulous dog xxx

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