Ruby’s First Week

So, Ruby has now been living with me for just over a week and, as you can see, she has made herself very much at home. It’s been lovely to see her relaxing just a little more each day and she is much less jumpy than she was initially, when she was startled by feathers, pigeons, rubbish, people, pretty much everything. Now she seems much more grounded and secure, though she is wary of some men the first time she meets them. She’s a super quick learner and remembers everything from one day to the next to a really striking degree.

Here she is practising turning in a confined space. I want her to get used to the new shape of her body so that it feels completely familiar to her and she doesn’t get caught by surprise.

Meg was seven when she lost her leg, and although she was certainly an active dog, dealing with a one year old is quite a different ball game. Ruby is really desperate to play with other dogs. Prior to her amputation, she had a number of ultimately unsuccessful surgeries trying to save the leg, so she has had several months of crate rest and has a huge amount of pent up energy. I have been trying to direct this into brain games and puzzles along with physio and core strength training. i don’t feel i can let her play off lead until she is stronger, especially as dogs play so much by standing up on their hind leg(s). I have contacted a physio and want to get Ruby thoroughly assessed so we know where we are and what to work on and what sort of play and exercise is appropriate for her.

In the meantime, I must try and exhaust her as best I can, with this remote control game, for example, which she mastered extremely quickly.

Or the Bob-A-Lot, which she helps dispense treats by throwing it off the sofa.

Incidentally, Ruby has a habit of resting her back leg on the sofa and standing with her front paws on the ground. I heard from someone else that their rear-legger does this and I’m assuming the stretch feels good, but I’d be interested to know if others have experience of this

That’s the remains of a carrot you can see on the floor. Ruby seems to love all fruit and vegetables. So far, she has eaten apple, pear, blueberry, banana, watermelon, carrot and sweet potato all with apparent relish. Her skin condition seems to have settled too, which `i am delighted about. She is also strongly visual, and loves watching TV, and will respond to photos and drawings of animals, usually by barking. None of my dogs have done this. She is also an absolute cuddle MONSTER. Literally, the cuddliest creature I have ever encountered.

Thank you for reading. I will update again soon, when hopefully Ruby will have had her physio assessment.

8 thoughts on “Ruby’s First Week

  1. Ohhhhhh each time I see her I’m smiling, laughing, clapping! She is just the smartest girl and I’m not saying that lightly. Being able to figure out that game so quickly is GENIUS! What is the game called?

    You know sooo much about helping a Tripawd stay injury free and strong. What a legacy Meg has given Ruby! I agree it’s smart to wait for her to play with others until you 1) get to know her behaviors better and 2) get her strong. Would love to know more about the physio she gets. Is it with Philippa?

    Ruby ROCKS!

  2. Forgot to say about the couch stretch, yes, our Wyatt did that! I can only assume it was because he liked getting weight off his back end.

    Oh and she does REALLY well on those turning exercises!

  3. Ruby looks like she has always been HOME, and in the first pic, I say again, how can I not say, MISS PIE!??! Does she do interviews like Miss Pie did? hehe oh, the memories!!!

    I love seeing you work with her to learn her new body brilliantly.
    She is super intelligent and a quick learner. How rewarding for you both.
    Yes, do share on the remote bong toy. I think Mr. P might do that as well. I know Saxton would have. I had a makeshift one eons ago with Faith. I had a push button light she had to push, and I would give her the treats—so much fun training. I could watch these videos all day!!

    I find the pose of Rubes resting her butt and front legs on the floor – very interesting.

    What a blessing! She loves fruit and veggies that make keeping her fit and trim easier. She looks so fit and has solid muscle now.

    Oh yes, thanks, Rene; for Philippa’s name, I could not pull that out of my head. I wondered if you would see her or find a new place.
    Hugs and smooch to the sweet Ruby

    Spirit kisses to our cousins Meg and Miss Pie in the sky.

    • Thanks, Holly. I will definitely try interviewing the Lady Rubes and see what happens. Have a feeling Pie may steer her in the right direction. Your amazing pic of Meg on her US adventure has pride of place above my desk. Have posted the link to the toy above. Would absolutely love to see Purrkins having a go. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the Rubes is altogether cat friendly. Did you hear the story of Bob the Cat, who was the companion of a homeless man in London? There were some books and I think maybe a film as well? Anyway, they used to be around very much in the area I live in (in fact, Meg once chased Bob up a tree 😱) Anyway, there is now a statue commemorating Bob on Islington Green and Ruby saw it and went BANANAS. She is highly visual, which I find interesting. Responds strongly to TV and also pictures and sculptures of animals. So clearly I need to teach her to respect her kitty cousins. She’s an eager learner and has a good heart so… Lots of love to you and Mark and Mr P and his mousy friends and of course to Saxton in the sky ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. The way she has bonded with you so quickly and has become so secure and confident so quickly blows me away. Then again… it doesn’t surprise me at all. Ruby KNOWS she is exactly where she needs to be to flourish and evolve into her most perfect self.
    The way you have worked with her and enhanced her well being physically, emotionally and spiritually is one of your very special gifts of many. 👍
    Smart, smart, smart! Watching her master her games and do her “exercises” (with treat help) is quite exceptional to say the least! Of course, she has an excellent teacher!👏
    I love reading how cuddly she is. You both need to have someone to snuggle with while the two of you watch tv…..Ruby eating her veggies barking and you hopefully. eating some comfort junk food!!
    Cannot express how Happy it makes me for you tp have Ruby in your life….and in our lives too! Being able to follow her adventures, watching her blossom all while seeing great video and photos….yeah….we are all over the moon happy!!
    Clare, I know Ruby has brought life back into your world in a way that only a dog can. You could not be who you are without having the love of a dog….and without being able to give your HIGE loving heart to a dog💖 You are soooo tuned into each dog who has ever had the privilege of having a corner of your heart. That’s one reason Ruby almost instantly started relaxing with you……you understand who she is and gove her the space to grow with confidence and security.
    Next time we need pictures of her cuddling with you. Hurry! Hurry!!

    Sending love always💖
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!
    PS…..Been showing Frankie her pictures…..he wags his tail everytime. ♥️ I’ve been “showing” blind Merry Myrtle her pictures….well….mostly I’ve just been telling her about Ruby…she listens well👏😎

    • I LOVE that Frankie wags his tail at Ruby’s pictures and I know that Myrtle listens to every word you say and that she already has a perfect image of Ruby in her head. Thank you for all your encouragement. I love sharing Ruby with you and you are right of course, I cannot feel complete without a dog and Ruby is a HUGELY loving dog. She is super smart, as you say. I am actually doing a lot of training with her, not so much for the sake of obedience (that’s never really been my thing, lol) but because I can see how much she enjoys working her brain and how it gives her a sense of security. I think in time I may train her as a Therapy dog and perhaps do some scent work too. Whatever, I’m looking forward to sharing it with you and of course with Frankie and Merry Myrtle. Big hugs to you all and lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

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