It’s The Beginning Of A Great Adventure…

A few weeks ago, Angel Billie called a conference at The Bridge. ‘Listen,’ she said to Pie and Meg, ‘Stop squabbling and listen to me. It’s time we found another dog for Mum.’

‘But she’ll never love anyone as much as me!’ said Pie and Meg exactly together, and they immediately started squabbling again about who had been loved more.

‘Oh for goodness sake!’ said Billie. ‘Really! Listen to yourselves! When I had to leave Mum to come to the bridge, before either of you were even born, it totally broke her heart. I’ll never love another dog like you,’ she said.

‘Yeah, right,’ said Pie.

‘Whatever,’ said Meg. ‘We all know she loved me…’

‘Enough!’ said Billie, and she sounded quite fierce for such a mild mannered dog. ‘She loved us all totally and completely and each in our own individual way. She’ll never love another dog like any of us, because there’ll never be another dog like any of us, but that doesn’t mean that Mum doesn’t need a new friend.’

There was silence as The Pie and Meg considered Billie’s words, trying and failing to find an objection.

‘I s’pose,’ muttered Pie eventually, but so quietly you could hardly hear.

‘I’m sorry?’ said Billie.

‘I said, I suppose!’ said Pie.

‘But how are we ever going to find a dog to follow me!‘ said Meg. ‘They’re bound to be a disappointment’

‘Well,’ said Billie, equably, ‘How about we start by each coming up with one thing Mum loved most about us, and then we try and put them all together? Why don’t you start, Elsie Pie? What did Mum love most about you?’

‘Everything!’ said Pie.

‘And you, Meg?’

‘Everything,’ said Meg. ‘More than everything!’

‘No, she didn’t! That’s impossible! No, she didn’t!’

‘She did!’

‘She didn’t!’

‘She did!’

‘She didn’t!’

‘Stop it!’ Billie said. ‘Listen, here’s what I think. Pie, Mum loved your determination, and the fact you made her laugh, and all your opinions…’

Pie looked pleased.

‘That’s three things!’ said Meg.

‘And she loved your spirit, Meg, and your smartness and the way you embraced every challenge life…’

‘And what about you?’ interrupted Pie.

‘My gentle nature,’ Billie said.

‘This is stupid,’ said Meg. ‘We’ll never find a dog that combines all that.’

‘As a matter of fact,’ said Billie. ‘I’ve already found one.’

9 thoughts on “It’s The Beginning Of A Great Adventure…

  1. Oh, how we missed you, your writing, and the girls.
    Purrfectly said!!!
    “she loved us all totally and completely and each in our own individual way. She’ll never love another dog like any of us, because there’ll never be another dog like any of us, but that doesn’t mean that Mum doesn’t need a new friend.”

    Ruby is a blend of the three girls, and the adventures have JUST begun, Ruby. Wait until you see all your Mum has in store for you. As Sally will say, you won the doggie lottery tenfold. Any pup would win the lottery with Mum Clare, but a tripawd, Mum Clare, you are in for the best of adventures and care, girl.

    Of course, your name suits you perfectly, a gem for all!! Most importantly a gem for your Mum.

    The pose OMD glamorous Ruby look out tripawds.

    I look forward to seeing the difference you find in caring for the rear leg and the front legger.

    We say again how HAPPY/HOPPY we are for you both.
    Love, love, love to all the girls, all smiling from above, Elsie Pie, Megastar, & Billie, and the Gem here on earth, Ruby. (SMOOCH)
    Holly, Mark, Mum Sandy, Purrkins & Saxton in the sky💫

    • You are so kind, Holly. Thank you! Yup, Ruby definitely has elements of all three of my dogs and plenty of her own unique rubiness too. It’s so strange to have such a young dog again – she is VERY puppyish – and also to have a dog with two front paws. So much to learn about the Gem that is Ruby and she is showing me a little more each day. The care and thought and love you show to Mr P (and his pets) and to Saxton in the sky has always been a great inspiration to us and we look forward to sharing this new journey with you. Lots of love to all the pack xxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh my dog what a great story! Clare you are such an incredible writer, I see a book here. LOVE the way you described how Ruby came to you. I found myself there, totally watching Billie and Pie and Meg having this meeting. LOVE IT!

    I can’t tell you how happy we are for you and Ruby! She is going to benefit so much from all your knowledge about life on three, and we are going to really enjoy watching you two explore the world together. CONGRATS!

    • Thanks so much for reading, Rene and for you lovely comments. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it and thanks for everything you do help us give our tripawds the best possible life on three xxx.

  3. Want to say ditto toHolly and Rene. We are ecstatic, absolutely estatic to have the privilege of following Ruby’s journey. with you as our guide.
    Although it’s so delightful to jave uou “back”, you were never really gone (nor Meg or Pie ,or Billie either).
    We often referenced Meg’s videos when someone was fearful that their dog couldn’t have a full life of joy and happiness as a Tripawd. A picture of MegAStar jumping in the creek to get her ball, or digging in the sand or treeing squirrels put all their fears aside.
    You always shared so much valuable information on so many levels. Probably the most recent would be all the arthritis treatment options… helpful.
    OMD….those priceless pics of Ruby, ESPECIALLY the “look” in the bottom ….cannot even begin to describe the numerous thought bubbles! One for sure though, I think that sweet, loving look also says “I know him loved, I know I’m cute and I know I can get anything I want from my Mum when I give her my signature sweetest look in the world!!

    Now, Your ability to ” story tell” has always been off the charts spectacularly brilliant and we have all savored every word. We`ve laughed, maybe even shed a few tears, we’ve been in awe and we were never disappointed in your ability to put us right next to you and the dogs on their adventures.

    The story you shared with us today though….WOW!!! The way you eaves dropped in on Meg, Pie and Billie really shows you were THERE and let us listen in!! Proof that connections like you have with those three can never, ever, be broken, regardless of “distance” of dimension where their energy resides.
    Cannot thank you enough for letting is listen in on the conversation these three had. The way Billie guided Meg and Pie to the consensus that all their great personality traits could indeed be found in another dog. Ruby won their support👍
    Will be awaiting the next update and pictures…..
    With love and apprec fpr who you are💖
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Oh, Sally. We SO appreciate your warmth and humour and insight and enthusiasm. Ruby is indeed very sweet and she ABSOLUTELY knows how to work it. I think the girls at the bridge are pretty pleased with themselves for finding me this little monkey xxx

  4. What a wonderful story Clare! I love it.
    Being a 60’s kid, who listened to the Beatles non-stop, I also love her name 🙂
    Here’s to new beginnings and happy times!
    Martha & the OP

    • Thanks so much, Martha. I was thinking of the Rolling Stones, but you’re right, the Beatles sang it too, and Ruby is from Liverpool, so that is PERFECT! Really appreciate your comment.
      Love, R&C xxxxx

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